Macbook Repair For Foreigners In DaNang City - 15 Nguyen Huu Tho

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You're foreigner looking for a prestige laptop repair destination to entrust your beloved Macbook. iFix Center has just what you need.


 Macbook repair for foreigners 


Your Macbook stops working or has faulty hardware, wondering who should you entrust your Macbook to in Da Nang. Let’s hear why you should chose

Why iFix Center DaNang?

After 10 years of experiences, we have been fixed all kind of Apple’s products such as: Macbook Pro, Macbook Unibody, Macbook Air, Macbook White, iMac... Our professional technicians can check your Macbook, fix it and give it back to you at least after 1 hour or even faster.



Macbook repair for foreigners at


We know how to fix all of your Macbook’s problems such as:

Running more slowly than usual

Your mac is not turning on, freezing or has popup

Not being able to use parts of Laptop that have been working

Your mac is not turning on

We even give home service for your convenience. 

We also offer other services and products in order to fit our customer demands.


Call us on hotline or come to nearest iFix Center - 15 Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang. iFix Center is your best choice on laptop care in Da Nang. Call us/ Zalo: 0911 235 333 - Website:


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